The Best Air Compressors For Your Home Improvement Projects

The Best Air Compressors For Your Home Improvement Projects

When you have a home improvement project in mind, an air compressor can make light work of virtually any DIY task. When choosing the right one to suit your project, you need to think about your specific requirements in order to ensure that you have made the right purchasing decision. All air tools have different PSI ratings so you need to look at the tools you plan to use and check that your chosen compressor is suitable.

Most DIY users will be satisfied with a single stage compressor rated at a PSI of 135 as this is powerful enough to run most home improvement tools. You will also need to consider the CFM rating as this will determine the number of tools you’ll be able to run and the amount of power you’ll have and so you will need to ensure that you have a compressor that has an adequate CFM to support your most demanding tools. While the tank size of your compressor has a role to play, when you’re looking for a unit for home improvement use this factor is secondary to the CFM rating.

How Can An Air Compressor Help In Home Improvement Projects?

An air compressor can be used to power a wide range of essential tools for home improvement purposes such as nail guns, spray painters and air blowers. While many people consider buying electrically operated tools, a tool that is operated by an air compressor can be used for extended periods and will have a longer lifespan since there are fewer moving parts to become damaged. Air compressors can power tools extremely effectively to get jobs like painting furniture and fencing, getting rid of sawdust and nailing down baseboard done in a snap.

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Which Are The Best Air Compressors For Your DIY Project?

Senco PC1010 Air Compressor

This portable unit is extremely easy to move between jobs as it is lightweight and simple to carry. While running it can deliver a consistent level of ½ HP power and is able to deliver a peak level of 1 HP. With its 1 gallon tank this is the ideal air compressor to use for your home improvement and renovation project, and it works especially effectively when powering paint sprayers and nail guns.

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However, it is extremely versatile and therefore can also be used for other purposes too such as art and craft projects. This model can deliver up to 44 drives per minute depending on the tool and the application it is being used for and its lubrication free pump means that the user has no need to worry about mess and ongoing maintenance which is always an issue when working with an oil lubricated model.

This compressor is also protected by a manufacturer’s one year warranty for complete peace of mind. Its rugged aluminum cylinder is incredibly durable and long lasting, and thanks to the direct drive motor, this pump is extra efficient taking just 35 seconds to recover and only 128 seconds to pump up.

California Air Tools CAT-6310

This great value, high quality air compressor is ideal for home improvement use thanks to its convenient oil free design. With no need to use oil for lubrication, it is simple to use with very low maintenance, and there is no hassle of cleaning or refilling. Its steel tank is durable and capable of withstanding the everyday wear and tear of DIY use while its motor operates at 1 HP for adequate power and its peak rate is 2 HP. Its wheelbarrow horizontal design is equipped with wheels for convenient transportation anywhere and as it weighs just 49 lbs it is lightweight and easy to carry between jobs.

The noise level produced does not exceed 60 decibels it is also quiet running enough to use in the domestic setting where noise levels are at a premium and as its tank has a capacity of 6.3 gallons, it can hold more than enough air to handle all kinds of applications. This versatile unit is the perfect choice for the keen DIYer and can run for long enough to get even heavier duty applications done in no time.

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